Friday, 31 October 2008


So *GIRLCORE* last night was ON FIREEEEE! we had late license and it was packed!!
Chantalia Discobar's dj debut was great! she played so many great tunes! and it was nice to see everyone in their high school attire!
I will upload some photos soon... but the great surprise of the night was Felix from Basement Jaxx coming to the dj booth and saying thank you for playing his track! I was like WTF?! I love your track!
This track is a BOMB! and I been including it in my set lately, I had to tell him how funny I think it is the fact that house is back in fashion (with all the "fidget" and everything) like 9 years ago when they released their first album and how I knew they were gonna come back and teach everyone how to make a killer track cause that's what they know best! listen to Basement Jaxx Twerk ft. Yo Majesty:

Thursday, 30 October 2008





This song just came up on my itunes and it was sounding so good that thought on sharing it with you all.

Jeep Ass Gutter (Vocal) -Masta Ace Incorporated

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


MUSICALIA MIAMI BASS Radio Show TONITE Wednesday 29th of Oct from 8-10pm on ETORO RADIO!

Monday, 27 October 2008


Monday's are always's either you love them or hate them. Today its a sunny and nice morning in London! for a change as yesterday was miserable all day.
Here's two songs by 8 Doogymoto from their Sampler released back on 2003, to hear this morning:


8 Doogymoto release their first album for Matthew Herbert’s Soundslike label, following on from debut "Dakewa" 12” (SL04) released in 2002. The trio are a real band of confused nationality playing electronic/acoustic instruments, a pleasantly schizophrenic melting-pot of contemporary electronic, house and hip-hop influences transformed into Japanese folk music sung in a variety of languages. The band are based in Hamburg and Berlin and have been playing together since 1999.

Fumi Udo, the singer, was born and grew up mainly in Kumamoto, Japan, changing school several times due to her father’s business and causing a little social disassociation in the process. She studied political science and Chinese civilization in Tucson, Arizona before moving to New York where she worked for a Japanese newspaper, Asahi, as a do-everything assistant and illustrator. She now lives in Berlin and sings predominantly in a language known only to herself. Victor Marek first started playing guitar and bass in several different bands before beginning to collect a variety of synthesizers and drum machines and building a studio in Hammerbrook, Hamburg to produce his own music and that of 8 Doogymoto. Heinrich Koebberling studied jazz and classical music in Hamburg and New York and now works as a touring and session jazz drummer.

Despite the title, this isn’t minimal music. It’s doogy music.

(taken from DOTSHOP.SE)

Remember: if you there are songs you wanna share with me and the people who read this blog, please drop them in the drop box on the right hand side. Thanks!

Sunday, 26 October 2008


New mix by BOT & PHRA (Crookers), featuring their rework of my song Pela'o

BBC Asia Mix

Tracklist :

1.Brand New - Beastie Boys
2.Jags Klimax ft. Sarbjit - Mama so Proud Crookedit
3.The Cool Kids - Gold and a Pager
4.Unknown - Crookers
5.Mujava - Township funk Original + C KKOMPANY -Speaker Bajae + Crookedit
6.MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Remix)
7.Jah Jah Me No Born Yah - Cornell Campbell
8.The Cut - Benga
9.Moneymaker - Dj Deeon feat. Dj Funk
10.Tigerstyle + Pelao - Isa GT feat. Crookers
11.Under The Sun - Herve mix
12.GNG BNG - Flying Lotus + DES C - NACHNA HONDA
13.David Guetta - Joan of Ark (Crookers ‘Pimp My Ark’ Remix)


I just got my hands on this and even if I'm not a massive fan of The Rapture I like the selection of tracks (by Armand Van Helden, Ghostface Killah and The Bar-Kays amongst other artists)they did for their Tapes take.

grab it here

AFRIKA EXPRESS 2: The experience

I was invited by my friends from Radioclit to perform an "all new stars" version of Secousse (soon to be released) live at Afrika Express (part of BBC proms) last Wednesday at KOKO (Camden).

There was a pre event at a pub next to KOKO in the afternoon, the organiser told everyone to come from 4pm to meet other artists and "jam" between them.
We got there at about 6:30pm just in time for dinner I met a few familiar faces like the ver lovely Jack Penate and had chats and and food before the start of the night, there they were! Kano, Damon Albarn, Flea (from Red Hot Chili Pepers) and bunch of Afrikan musicians that I probably heard their music but never knew how they looked like!

The whole evening was pretty good apart from some "collaborations" between lads from indie bands like Hard Fi who played 3 songs "jammin" with afrikan musicians that they left behind and took the stage thinking with their electric guitars as if it was their solo concert...really appalling appearances by "the aliens" don't know where they come from but certainly retarded and nothing to do with what the whole event was about.
Another out of place performance was the one by the Magi Numbers who again played 3 of their songs pretty much like they sound normally and with none or not much collaboration with the afrikan artists.

Obviously there were great stuff on the evening too like the performance by Amadou and Mariam who gave the audience goosebumps!
You can read a much better review than mine by Ruth Barnes on the BBC6 website

The whole idea of collaborations between musicians is great but the fact that there wasn't really a schedule for the performances and everything was so "free" created a bit of disorganization, we had to wait until 2:30 am to finally decided that we should go on stage in a "guerilla" appearance! if we didnt do that we weren't going to perform! (that's what happened to BURAKA SOM SISTEMA) they hang around all night and didnt get to perform. So yeah we (mimitah, mo laudi, marina, jose hendrix and I) went on stage and did two songs! to amusement of the stage crew! here are some photos!

Anyways it was an honour to be part of this event and seeing all these amazing personalities going onstage together and playing live was great, after this night I just like to research more about what they do and their music.

The night for us ended after we performed, with some random people congratulating our effort! all tired went home thinking that one day we'll be the ones headlining an event like that.


A box like the one below on the right hand side of this blog?
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What do you think?!

Send me your track


Sunday 7am, woke up and haven't been able to go back to sleep! It happens sometimes...oh well...I pick up my laptop and go on internet, then start going through some of the stuff that happened this week and I remember last Friday morning was the first radio show of Heidi on Radio 1! Quickly I go to the bbc website and start listening...
Great tracks and a chat with legend Richie Hawtin!

Heidi's Radio 1 Show (not sure if you can access the site from outside the UK/Europe) This service is available for 1 week only...

DON'T miss my MUSICALIA MIAMI BASS Radio Show this Wednesday 29th of Oct on ETORO RADIO!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


The Very Best as they defined themselves are Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit playing with fire!

Get the mixtape here!

Monday, 20 October 2008

BERLIN: The experience!

Still trying to update this blog and not to miss on anything that has happened in the last few weeks, I have to write about my last trip to Berlin about a week ago...
I was there invited by DAN HAAKSMAN to take part of the BIG BOOTY CLASH between MAN RECORDINGS and DELICIOUS GUTTER, great line up as you can see on the flyer! I was really excited as I was gonna do a live P.A. for the first time in Berlin and fort the first time at a party for my label MAN RECORDINGS!

We went to the venue (SCALA) to sound check and there I met DJ BEWARE, he's a great funny guy that made his name in turntablism before becoming a more club dj, still though he's killer at scratching and that makes people crazy!

that's Beware (on the left) with Dj Showi another top dude/dj from Germany!

I sound checked quite quickly and then we went to have dinner at White Trash, if you havent been there you should definitely go! they serve great burgers and the place is amazing! a mix between chinese, irish and randomness all around!
To my surprise we were joined by Peaches! she was there to have dinner with us and I have to say the woman is the funniest person ever! we ended up cracking jokes and putting nicknames to the whole table! I HAD to ask her to have a photo taken with her to show you all who read this blog... (I know im cheesy) but you'll be surprised of all the peole from Colombia who tell me they read it! and I know in Colombia there's people that LOVE Peaches! so here it is!

After dinner we went to Scala for the show...I started djing then Daniel followed with his set and then Dj Beware killed it! with his scratching and mash ups of baile and bouncy tunes! then it was time for my live! i basically went on stage and gave my 200% went crazy and bang my head like never before! the people's response was great and i felt amazing with the connection! it went super quick and then I was knackered and sweating like a pig! but with a big smile on my face! There are videos of the live filmed by Beware (Im still waiting on those, will upload as soon as I have them...)

All along I had my great visuals, made for me by the super talented ARTELEVISUAL you can contact him for real cool visuals go on his myspace! so many people try to copy him, (a well known london vj was using some of his visuals and taking credit for it...)
RTV is the real thing! so go on his myspace and support this great colombian talent!!

After my live it was time for Don Rimini's set, he kept the party in top form and after him me and Beweezy came back again and finished killin' it! Did I mention Aaron Lacrate didnt turn up? I dont think anyone noticed...

After the big night Sunday was a day for catching up with friends, went to see a great exhibition at the KW and then Monday was a day for exchanging music and come back to London!

Lucas (ZDS), BEWARE and Daniel Haaksman

Us three nerding about tracks!

Many thanks to everyone in Berlin, Man Recording's Dan and his girlfriend for being such good hosts!, the people at Scala and everyone who came and partied like champs until the early mo'

Sunday, 19 October 2008


From now on every edition of MUSICALIA will have a pre party radio show a week prior the actual party! this to introduce the genre to people who might not be familiarized with it
and for those who are, a teaser!

So, the Miami Bass Special of Musicalia will be Wednesday 29th of October on ETORO RADIO from 8-10pm.

Stay tuned!!!


A bit of Nostalgia, Into your arms by Lemonheads, a perfect track for a sunday afternoon.



This Wednesday! me and some great performers like Marina Vello, Afrikan Boy and more will be performing with Radioclit! is gonna be an amazing surprise so make sure you'll get your tickets and support this great event!

Monday, 13 October 2008

MOSCOW: The experience

So I was in Moscow about two weeks ago...went there to play at Solyanka Club with *GIRLCORE* the first ever time in Moscow we were all super excited and with great expectations to see how the crowd in Moscow was gonna react to the party...

Armed with lots of props and tons of glitter we flew over there, and the reception was incredible! the people at the club were all super nice and kept on taking us places and generally being ultra nice.

Our theme was London Invasion and Random so we brought shit lots of random objects (as always) including the disco ball and everything and lots of London objects like bobby helmets and even made a post and phone box out of card board! (Thanks Tara!).

We were meant to dj two rooms so Naomi// and I played one and Loki and Marizla played the other one, people loved it! and we've got ourselves a residence at Solyanka Club! for us the best club in Moscow! (and the only one we've been to...)

There's gonna be a video and a blog entry on Dazed Digital coming soon about *GIRLCORE* Moscow, I keep you updated on that one.

Friday, 10 October 2008

TELEPATHE (live) LONDON 2/10/08

I just turned up to the opening of a new exhibition space on Vyner Street in London and there it was Melissa! they were playing at it! what an amazing suprise! I recommend you go and see them if you can, they made some beautiful and inspiring music, here's some videos:



I really like this band, Ive seen them twice ever and every time I wonder why they aren't touring the world! they really have a great show that everyone should go and see!
I had lots of fun at this gig and here's a video to prove it...Not the best sound unfortunately due to me standing right next to one of the speakers...


I'm decided to update my blog and to post videos of gigs I go to and play and places and parties etc...

Here's a short video from when NO BRA played at last month's *GIRLCORE*

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


I can't explain how much I'm enjoying DEADMAU5 promo album, RANDOM ALBUM TITLE.

Great electronica I've been listening to it for weeks!
It's full of great songs perfect for working to it or just put it on your mp3 player and go places...

Here's So there I was


Tuesday, 7 October 2008


photo taken at Double Trouble Rave by Isa GT

Here's the Radio Show the great Crookers from Milano hosted at Diesel U Music Radio about 2 weeks ago... you can download it from here


Wednesday, 1 October 2008