Wednesday, 14 February 2007

All time favourite

Released in 1986 "When I think of you " from the album Control by Janet one of my all times favourite songs (whoever that know me well would know that...) I just came back from Djing at Catch 22 where I did a set full of classics...For some reason I didnt have this record in my bag I said to myself..mental note: upload it as soon as you get home...Here it is enjoy!

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

la cumbia, la cumbia, la cumbia...

So everybody is talking about cumbia this days...for years mexicans, argentinians and people from all over Latin America have been modifying this rhythm that was originated in Colombia and made it their own...
Here's a song with funny lyrics and that brings a lot of memories to me... "Yo Tomo" from the Argentinian loved and hated band Bersuit Vergarabat.
I can see my argentinian friends coming after me for posting this...

El General

okay Im gonna get into deep serious shit right here, for whoever is not latin american or grew up there during the 90's...I will show you the light...
this man is a the mid 90's came up with a rhythm called Meneito... that as every latin american rhythm comes with a new style of dance...
Meneito was a choreographed dance with someone that acts like the leader..(instructor) and people lined up following what the instructor does...I spend a lot hours dancing meneito at house parties with friends in Colombia...good old days!
For your pleasure this two gems:
Te ves Buena

Fun, fun, fun

It surprised me when when my I pod started playing this song "Les matins de Paris" is Tekilatex from the well known french Crew TTC featuring Lio...How mellow is the melody..?
it takes me away from cloudy and rainy London to a sunny day somewhere...
Tekilatex will be hosting the first UK IPod Battle on London at the end of march 2007...
More info about the UK IPod Battle hold tight...I will post something soon!
for now enjoy this song

Friday, 9 February 2007

Isa GT's Miniset 2

I did this miniset last week it features music made and remixed by great artists


Loving you (Matthew !WOWOW!'s E Keep kids dancing remix)
Morte do Sonic (Buraka Som Sistema)
It's the Beat(Simian Mobile Disco)
Date Rape (Mapei)
Just Ghetto (Crookers)
Tell me (P. Diddy Feat. Christina Aguilera-Switch's remix)

Get the miniset Here