Monday, 21 April 2008


Again through the wonders of myspace I got to know about Chief Boima some months ago... I sent him a message and we talked briefly...I asked him I would like to post something about his music on this blog, that was that. That was that until last week when Boima message me with a great surprise...Baobab Connection Volume 2!

Chief Boima was born in Milwaukee, USA, from a European-American mother and West African from Sierra Leone father. He grew up in a small but strong West African community inside a very midwest industrial US city. Where he was influenced by both majority communities of African-American and European-American (majority German descendants.) Then after some studying, traveling, djing and playing in bands of every style, He ended up in San Francisco where he found the Baobab family together with Marco Senghor (of French and Senegalese ancestry), Sogui So Good (born in Paris but moved to Senegal in his teenage days) and DJ Elembe (who is originally from Cameroon). Little Baobab holds down every night for not only the bay area's African population but also, the greater international community who are drawn to the diverse mix of music and open door policy.

The Baobab Connection Volume 2 (60 mins duration) showcases the music you will hear at The Little Baobab (in San Francisco) coupe decale mixed with hip hop and Latin, Caribbean music and lots of lots more!... the first 30 mins are mixed by Chief Boima and the last 30 mins by Sogui So Good with help from DJ Elembe.

Here's a teaser of the mix:

No Te Veo-Casa De Leones

(Coupe) Like Me Baby (Chief Boima Décalé Remix)-D4L

Jolie-Petit Yode & L'Enfant Siro

For more info about Baobab Connection or Chief Boima's Dj dates and music check Chief Boima's myspace he's gonna be in September in London supporting Beating by Them

Monday, 14 April 2008


Daniel Boyd-Treasure Island

A few weeks ago I received a myspace message from Down Under...Sven Simulacrum was asking me how was London Town...I replied that London is on fire...its true, LDN never stops and there's always something good happening music related.
I checked the music he's got on his profile and some of his "friends"...I liked what I heard and wanted you to listen to it and to know more about this Mc/Producer.
In his own words... "Born in South Asia / Made in Australia. Sydney based mix n mash slasher selecta brings chutney rebel baile bass bhangra bashment bump n grime. DIY/diaspora/culture clash!"

You can hear his music here: Sven Simulacrum myspace

And also you can read and listen to his collaborations with MC Nova here

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

This Friday Im Playing SICK OF NATURE

If you are in London on friday, come and check this party out! I predict is gonna be lots of fun.

Isa GT @ Showcase (Paris) 4/04/08

Here are some photos and a video from last friday in Paris!

Many thanks to the people who came!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Time for Nostalgia... Illia Kuryaki and the Valderramas

An another post about an argentinian band...this time one that is not together since 2001, a band formed by Dante Spinetta Zalazar y Emmanuel Horvilleur... Illia Kuryaki and the Valderramas.
Their name is composed the names of a character of Agent Cipol and the eternal number 10 of the Colombian football team Carlos Valderrama.
I used to listen to their albums (they released 6 in total), full of great songs with crazy poetic lyrics/rhymes, funk and great instrumentation. They brought a sound that people in Latin America wasn't used to but that quickly catched the ear of most people and gave them the success they worked for. At a time were all great and even shitty bands are reuniting I pray to God this two guys start making music together again!

Their videos are amazing you can see some of them here, (sorry for the bad quality of some of the videos...there was no youtube in 1994)




you can also download some of their tracks here:

Abarajame (live MTV unplugged)

Jaguar House (live, MTV unplugged)

Jugo (taked from their album Versus)

Chaco (live MTV unplugged)

Hermoza from Heaven (live MTV unplugged)

Monday, 7 April 2008


So I posted an article about finish producer Bounce Camp last week. At the time I didn't know if he wanted me to share his wicked track Big Dancin'...well he wrote to me and said He would love for me to uploaded here as a free download! nice one!
go get it!


Thursday, 3 April 2008

Kumbia Queers!

Photo by Julia Corsaro

They are a sensation in Argentina. They play cumbia and are queer. This band is amazing! I love their lyrics and their new versions of songs like La isla Bonita which they called "La isla con chicas" or The cure's Love song as "Kumbia Dark". So yeah they are a Lesbian band and talk about girl on girl love and add the great cumbia villera rhythm. You can't ask for more...

Kumbia Dark-Kumbia Queers

La isla con chicas-Kumbia Queers

Check for her debut album Kumbia Nena!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


The wonders of myspace! the other day I was surfing...myspacing...and came across the BOUNCE CAMP, I liked his stuff so I thought in feature him on this blog!
His productions really bring back the 90's sound mixed with the freshness of today, as his name says his tunes can make us bounce all the way!

Finnish producer/DJ Sampo Hanninen a.k.a. Bounce Camp has been making music since his pre-teens. His musical style varies from a afro-karelian cut-up booty-soul to mash-ups, elektro, house and whatever comes in between these. He has also been a part of a monthly club craze in Helsinki, called Solarium. Recently he has moved to Berlin and is into making mash-ups, juke and baltimore tracks. His track "Big Dancin'" is to be released on Helsinki-based Top Billin records next month. (soon available from

You can check his music here

I can't take Big Dancing outta my head!


This friday I'll be playing at Showcase in Paris! very looking forward to it!
the line up includes Princess Superstar, Markus Lange the perfect loosers and Charly Green.