Saturday, 2 October 2010


after a string of suicides of gay teenagers in the u.s. a lot of artists are recording videos to support gay pride and hopefully help young people that are depressed and being bullied right now. Here's one video form SIA. watch it.


Sam said...

I just graduated from the school where the kid committed suicide. Its super sad. The kids that taunted him into it are getting fucked.

Isa GT said...

woah. this is so hardcore. I wish kid really pay attention to messages like this. I've always encouraged travelling as a great way to see how other people live, to meet new friends and to discover that there's many ways of thinking outside your local school, town and enviroment.
It really is sad to know there's people that will never know how it is to have a happy and free life.
I guess we got to do our part and try to help changing people's minds towards homosexuality and many other subjects.
Thanks for writting Sam.